Biggz Deeejay is a multi format DJ who is based is south west England, he has been Djing since he was 17 years old and is more than capable of playing a mixed genre set be it RNB, House, Chart and old skool. Biggz Deeejay has a vast musical knowledge and a very widened taste in music.

As a young boy Biggz used to play with his father’s vinyl and scratch them on the decks despite being told not to his musical influences at the time was Michael Jackson soul 2 soul  family stand Public Enemy N.W.A. Biggz’s Mother could be heard on many occasion bellowing “Turn your music down” It never stopped Biggz though Music is his life and Biggz now says to his mother that  “he aint got to turn it down no more we turn it up”.

Biggz Deeejay first fell in love with DJ culture as a 15 year old boy at a house party where DJ Kym and Joe de berker was playing with 3 decks and Biggz watched eager to learn so made the decision to start saving what he could to enable his dream. He would regularly visit Chris Lloyd, Nathaniel Franklin, and Matthew Hibberd to practice on their decks until he got his own set of decks. Biggz would credit all the previous people mentioned but it was DJ Truss (RIP) that really developed Biggz into a competent DJ along with DJ sweets. 

  The early part of his career was spent doing local parties on the causeway and birthday parties and started to build his reputation in the area playing Garage RNB Dancehall and Hip hop. And then got lucky with being to play in various nightclubs in Bath Chippenham and Swindon. Biggz made the decision to quit djing due to the untimely death of his mentor  and friend DJ Truss which coincided  2 weeks after the birth of his first child however  it was a decision he would regret.  

Biggz would regularly visit night clubs and the passion was still there music was still running through his veins and would watch the DJ in clubs he visited still eager to learn still eager to play. One day Biggz attended a BBQ day in cote water in Swindon where he first heard  Dennis Ferrer’s the cause the cure it literally stopped him in his tracks and asked the girl (who he would love to thank) what was the song and through investigation started finding other songs due to the rise of the UK funky genre. Being from such a urban background and his friends very similar when Biggz heard uk funky and house tracks he would hype the tracks to his unconvinced friends who didn’t like the genre but Biggz was in love when the track Party hard by Donaeo first dropped his friends then started to appreciate the music and then started to pressure Biggz into a return so again he started saving for decks but as in life the money would go up then would get spent on something else as it was a half hearted intention.

 Biggz was at DJ shreddah’s house and he showed him the track Blackberry Hype the raw video in the Barbour shop, Biggz immediately contacted Maxwell D  for the Dubplate despite not having a set of decks their was no turning back from there  coming from a Dancehall background Biggz decided he would get any UK funky track as a special where it was possible and invested his money in decks and Dubplates. He dropped his first mix  for Promoter/host Ashlow in a flyer for a event which Biggz was not on the bill but this dubplate only cd hit with such a impact that people wanted to see the dj and was booked for his first gig in swindon  for a clash with young lion and Marcus nasty and played the early set with his DJ Partner DJ Sweets  unfortunately Marcus Nasty never turned up and Ashlow was concerned that he needed a uk funky dj despite others being  on the bill with more dj experience that played uk funky Ashlow decided that it would be Biggz that would take over from young lion, Biggz will tell you that it would be the only time he was star struck and even intimidated by another dj  as when the lion roars he shuts down any event, young lion played his last track and biggz loaded his first which was Princess Nyahs big boys and the slogan DJ biggz does big boy things was born and the crowd was singing along to the dubplates they had heard on the mixtape Ashlow had put out the reaction led to repeat bookings and different promoters started looking at Biggz to dj at their  events such as Bristol based Too 2 ruff, and was fortunate enough after handing MC dread a CD  to close for Mistajam at Twice as Nice in Cheltenham. It was in Cheltenham that he Played with Robbo Ranks who came with Rampage and they went together to a after event which finished later than the club Biggz and Robbo Ranks was djing at and met young lion there It was in that moment in the middle of the dance floor that he realised he could go on to bigger things and biggz deeejay career has gone on from those humble beginnings.

Biggz has had the pleasure of working alongside and supporting the following artists: Tim Westwood Capital Xtra, Jaguar skills, Mistajam 1 xtra, Rampage 1 xtra, Young Lion 1 xtra, Kano, Wiley, Skepta, Krept and Konan, Professor Green, Fatman Scoop, Btraits, Redlight, Jme, DJ S.K.T, Tazer, Shy FX, Pmoney, Katie Price, Joey essex, Scotty T, Gaz, Charlotte Crosby, Barely Legal, Chip, Alex Love Island, Stephen Bear, Plus Many more.